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Project Payday - Realistic Extra Income for the Average Joe

 "Average Joes" with no prior experience - made
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              If you surf the web at all, and especially if you have searched for ways to make money
              online I am sure you have come across a banner similar to the one above. I joined Project                                Payday several months ago. I was just like you searching online to find a way to make some                            extra cash. I've bought my share of Get Rich Quick e-books and No Money Down dvds that                              promise big paychecks and lost hundred of dollars in the process. Project Payday referral                              program is the real deal.

                 Honestly you won't become a millionaire with Project Payday but you can earn a few bucks
                 in your spare time. Who wouldn't like an extra $50-$85 a day just from spending a few hours
                 a day referring people to Project Payday? It may not sound like much but where else can you
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                                               How It Works

             After becoming a activated member you will receive a personal referral link, with this referral
             link you will be paid
a standard commission of  $1.50 per referral. Q: What is a referral?
A referral is generated when a person you refer enters their name, and e-mail address on                            the Project Payday website home page. 

             The best things about Project Payday's Referral Program is that they pay you for leads, not for                        activations. You get paid when someone fills out the form to request free additional information.
             Once again you will receive your commission regardless of whether your referral completes an                    offer to activate their membership or not.

                Just refer 20-30 people a day who might be interested, and you'll soon
                be making an extra $1,000- 2,000 a month!


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